Who is Mermaid Kat?

Ever since Katrin Gray was little and watched Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” for the first time she always dreamed about turning into a real life mermaid. While swimming in the public swimming pool she would cross her legs imagining she was a mermaid and hoping that one day her legs would turn into a mermaid tail. Kat was always a fantasy living person but at that time she had no idea that one day her dream of becoming a real life mermaid would turn into a reality.

Scuba & Freediving Instructor

As well as a professional mermaid, Kat is an international underwater model, actor & TV personality, owns her own mermaid academy and her own mermaid shop which designs and manufactures Kat’s own range of mermaid tails.

Kat travels the world working as an international fashion model and actor. Growing up she loved adventures and action and tried many activities such as riding motorbikes, para-sailing, kick boxing, gymnastics, horseback riding, rock climbing, triathlons and many more. 

After becoming a Scuba Instructor she fell in love with the underwater world and remembered her childhood dream of becoming a real life mermaid. She learned how to free dive and build her first mermaid tail… Mermaid Kat was born. At that time Kat lived in Thailand and started working as a mermaid performer at events and birthday parties. She had her first underwater model shoots and quickly her mermaid career developed professionally.

Mermaid Kat Scuba Diver
Mermaid Kat - Miss Germany & Queen of the World Germany

Beauty Queen & Fashion Model

Kat was crowned “Miss Germany International 2006” and “Queen of the World Germany 2007” and has worked in front of photo and video cameras for several years, developing high underwater modelling performance skills.

She works on underwater productions in pools, tanks and the open ocean. Kat performs in chlorine, salt and fresh water and poses in front of cameras in depths up to 40 metres whilst holding her breath for up to 3 minutes.

Professional Mermaid & Underwater Stunt Woman

Today Mermaid Kat is one of the most recognised professional mermaids in the mermaid world. She travels the world to swim in the open oceans alongside sea creatures like dolphins, turtles, rays, whales and even sharks.

Mermaid Kat was the first person in the world to swim with hammerhead and tiger sharks whilst wearing a mermaid tail. She performs as an underwater stunt woman while being filmed and photographed for TV commercials, movies, music videos, advertisements and ocean awareness campaigns. Kat also performs at public events and private parties such as pool parties or kid’s mermaid birthday parties.

Mermaid Kat - Professional Underwater Model and Stunt Woman
Mermaid Kat Academy Group

International Mermaid School

In August 2012 Kat decided to help others to fulfill their dreams of turning into real-life mermaids and mermen. She opened the world’s first mermaid school, the Mermaid Kat Academy, in Thailand.

After many years of working as a scuba diving and free diving instructor Kat has good knowledge, skills and training to teach other people how to become mermaids or mermen in a safe and fun way. Since then Kat has taught international mermaid workshops in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Japan, China and Egypt.

The main base of Kat’s international mermaid school is now in Hanover, Germany, where she employs six other mermaid instructors. Kat has also helped several swimming schools and dive centers around the world to open up their own mermaid schools. 

You can find out more about her mermaid courses in Perth c via our Mermaid Kat Academy Courses Overview page.

Mermaid Tails for Everyone

In her mermaid career whilst teaching a large amount of mermaid workshops, Kat tried many different kinds of mermaid tails. After becoming tired of bad quality mermaid tails which broke, rusted or hurt her mermaid students while swimming, the free diving instructor decided to create her own range of high quality, functional mermaid tails. Together with her team of professional scuba and free divers, models and artists Kat developed realistic looking mermaid tails which are specially created for serious activities in and underwater.

In April 2013 Kat opened her online shop – the Mermaid Kat Shop. In the Mermaid Kat Shop she sells mermaid tails for beginners and professional mermaids and mermen. You can also find mermaid costumes, mermaid jewellery and other mermaid related products.

The Mermaid Kat Academy reccomends mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop

See Mermaid Kat on her Underwater Adventures

Below you’ll find a video showing some of Mermaid Kat’s mermaid adventures. See the professional mermaid swimming alongside dolphins, manta rays, whale sharks and even tiger sharks.