Who is Mermaid Kat?

Katrin Gray is an underwater stuntwoman and professional mermaid. The former “Miss Germany International” is a fully trained scuba and free diving instructor. Furthermore she opened the world’s first public mermaid school and manufactures mermaid tails.

Scuba & Free Diving Instructor

Kat has always loved adventures. When she grew up, she tried many activities such as riding motorbikes, para-sailing, kick boxing, gymnastics, horseback riding, rock climbing, triathlons and many more. After becoming a Scuba Diving  Instructor she fell in love with the underwater world. Finally she wanted to turn her childhood dream into reality and was ready to become a mermaid. First, she practised her free diving skills. Then she fine-tuned her modelling skills to become an underwater model. After she created her first mermaid tail, “Mermaid Kat” was officially born in May 2012. At that time, Kat lived in Thailand and started working as a mermaid performer at events and birthday parties. Shortly after, she started working for underwater productions such as magazine shoots and movie productions. Kat is also a qualified TDI technical Diver and IANTD Cave Diver.

Beauty Queen & Fashion Model

Kat was crowned to “Miss Germany International 2006” and “Queen of the World Germany 2007” and has worked in front of cameras for many years. Therefore, she developed outstanding underwater modelling performance skills. The underwater stuntwoman works in pools, tanks and the open ocean. Kat performs in chlorinated water as well as salt and fresh water. She poses in front of cameras in depths up to 40 metres whilst holding her breath for up to 3 minutes. In order to create awareness for our oceans, the underwater stuntwoman swims with dolphins, sharks, rays, whales and crocodiles.

Underwater Stuntwoman in Action

Below you’ll find some videos showing some of Mermaid Kat’s underwater adventures. See the professional mermaid swimming alongside dolphins, manta rays, whale sharks and even tiger sharks. For more, please visit her YouTube Channel.

Ocean Activist

The underwater stuntwoman loves nature and the creatures who share our beautiful planet. Because of human influences such as overfishing and pollution for example, our oceans are in bad conditions. Therefore, Kat wants to be a voice for those who cannot speak. As a public speaker she demonstrates the tragic impact of shark finning, fishing and dolphin slaughter for marine parks. Furthermore, the mermaid has organised and supported many campaigns and projects to create awareness for the oceans. She swam in the shark tanks of AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia), Underwater World Pattaya (Thailand) and Aquaria KLCC (Malaysia) to change the way people see sharks. In addition, she works together with organisations such as Sea Shepherd, Sharkproject, Shark School and Project Aware.

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Underwater Stuntwoman on TV and Public Events

Below you’ll find some videos showing some of Kat’s TV Interviews and public appearances. For more, please visit her YouTube Channel.

International Mermaid Retreats

Not long after Kat started working as a professional mermaid, she realised that there were many more people out there who dreamed about turning into mermaids and mermen. For this reason, the underwater stuntwoman decided to open a mermaid school and make mermaiding accessible to the public. Mermaid Kat Academy opened the doors in August 2012 and was the world’s first public mermaid school. Kat developed a mermaiding course system, where children and adults of different levels can learn the safe use of mermaid tails. Since then, the mermaid instructor has taught mermaiding courses in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Maldives, China, Singapore and Australia.

Furthermore, the professional mermaid now offers international mermaid retreats. During Mermaid Week, participants come together at beautiful location around the world. Here they practise new skills, share adventures and get to take home beautiful underwater photos and videos of themselves. Come and join an international mermaid retreat.

Mermaid Tails

As safety should always be the main priority during mermaiding, Kat developed her own range of highly funktional mermaid tails. Her mono fins were designed by her team of water professionals and are endorsed by mermaids and free divers worldwide. Children and beginners can choose between different fabric tail designs. The team of Mermaid Kat Shop also creates silicone mermaid tails for professionals. These are handmade, unique and look super realistic.