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Mermaid Party Option 2, Alice


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February 15, 2020 3:00 pm
February 15, 2020 3:45 pm
32 Thomas St, Nedlands WA, Australia   View map

Mermaid Party Option 2 – Pool Party

Party Time: 45 Minutes


Meet a Real Mermaid, Get Mermaid Make Up, Have a Mermaid Ride, Swim with a Mermaid, Play Games in the Water, Mermaid Story Telling, Photo Opportunities, Get your own Wishing Stone and many other Mermaid Adventures are waiting for you and your guests (These are just examples. Every group is different and therefore every mermaid party will be unique).



Please note: 

  • For safety reasons it is important that at least one adult (parent) is either in the pool or supervising the party from the outside, during the mermaid party (eyes on the kids, not on the phone)
  • In order to keep the magic alive our mermaid will arrive around 15 minutes prior to the party time to transform into a mermaid. During this time and at the end of the party, please keep the guests in a different location so they don’t see our mermaid transforming
  • Mermaids don’t wear watches. Please make sure to get all kids together 5 minutes before the end of the party. Party guests will then get their magical wishing stones and then it’s time for the mermaid to get back into the ocean. 
  • No mermaid tails will be provided for the guests during the mermaid party


Party price: AUD 280


Mermaid Party Option 2, Alice


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15 Minutes prior to start: Our mermaid will arrive. Please keep guests in a seperate area until mermaid is "transformed"

Party starts at the time mentioned in this booking form

Activities in and around the pool for 45 minutes

5 Minutes before end of the party: please give our mermaid a sign (mermaids don't wear watches) and help to get all party guests together for the final activity

Party ends at time mentioned in this booking form

After the party: Our mermaids needs about 10 minutes to transform back to a human and leave. During this time, please keep the guests in a seperate area