About this Mermaid Academy

This mermaid school was founded in August 2012 by one of the leading professional mermaids in the world – Mermaid Kat. The Mermaid Kat Academy was the world’s first mermaid school that made mermaid swimming accessible to the public. With qualified mermaid instructors, professional mermaid equipment, branches in different countries and thousands of happy mermaid students, our mermaid school is still one of the most successful mermaid schools in the world. The name “Mermaid Kat” stands for professionalism and safety.

Becoming a Real Life Mermaid

It was always Kat’s childhood dream to turn into a real life mermaid. After the former “Miss Germany International 2006” became a scuba diving instructor she started to create her first mermaid tail. Kat practiced her underwater modeling skills and took free diving classes. In May 2012 Kat was ready for her transformation into Mermaid Kat – a real life mermaid. Kat started working as a mermaid entertainer on events and kid’s birthday parties in Phuket, Thailand. She got her first bookings for underwater mermaid shoots and underwater stunt work for TV commercials and magazine shoots. From a hobby mermaid Kat’s mermaid carrier turned into a profession.

Turning up as a mermaid on events, Kat saw the sparkle in people’s eyes when they saw her in her mermaid appearance. Little girls smiling, men being fascinated and women remembering their own childhood dream of being a real life mermaid. So Kat decided to bring more magic into this world by helping others to fulfill their dreams of becoming real life mermaids themselves. She wanted to open the world’s first mermaid school.

Mermaid School in Perth
Different mermaid classes for different levels

Classes for Mermaid Students

As a scuba diving instructor and freediving instructor Kat had many years of training in and underwater. She got many experiences in teaching people how to scuba dive in confined conditions as well as in the open sea with strong currents, bad visibility, big waves and a strong swell. She successfully taught people of all age groups, sizes and confident levels how to dive.

Mermaid Kat created and introduced different concepts of mermaid classes and mermaid workshops for different age groups and levels. As Kat is an environmentalist and animal activist she educates her mermaid students about the beauty and problems of our oceans. In her opinion every mermaid and merman is an ambassador of the ocean and should act as a role model to protect our fragile ocean environment before it’s too late.

Mermaiding is making dreams come true but it’s also a hard workout. Swimming in a mermaid tail means to use your whole body and getting to know your body like never before. Mermaiding is a great alternative to normal swimming and a great way to get kids away from the TV or computer games.

The first Mermaid School

Kat opened her Mermaid School in August 2012 with the event. “Mermaid Kat’s International Mermaid Workshop 2012”. This professional mermaid workshop was filmed by a German TV crew and shown on German national TV. Six young women from Scotland, Switzerland, Thailand and Malaysia came to Phuket to turn into real life mermaids. After the mermaid training all new mermaids swam side by side with Mermaid Kat in the shark tank of Underwater World Pattaya to promote a better image for sharks and support the Dive Tribe shark saving campaign “Swim for sharks”. After that Kat taught uncountable mermaid workshops in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Maldives and Egypt.

Now the home base of the Mermaid Kat Academy is in Germany. In her German mermaid school Kat has 6 other mermaid instructors employed, who teach several mermaid classes every week.

Opening the world’s first mermaid school – Mermaid Kat Academy
Mermaid Kat Academy brings more Safety into Mermaiding

Safety is our priority

In January 2016 Kat opened the first branch of her international mermaid school in Australia. In the Mermaid Kat Academy Australia she teaches mermaid courses to her mermaid students in Perth, Western Australia.

All mermaid trainers in Kat’s mermaid school are highly skilled and trained water professionals such as swimming instructors, scuba instructors or freediving instructors and additionally to that they all have past Kat’s Mermaid Instructor Course. All mermaid instructors who work for the Mermaid Kat Academy Australia have also their “Working with Children Card”.

The mermaid tails being used in our mermaid school are the highest quality fabric mermaid tails on the market. All mermaid tails being used in our mermaid school include a professional mono fin which can’t break. These mermaid tails were created by professional water people for more fun, efficacy and safety than any other fabric mermaid tail on the market.

Come to Kat’s Mermaid Academy to fulfill your magical underwater dream and turn into a real life mermaid.

You can find out more information to our mermaid courses via our Mermaid Kat Academy Courses Overview page.

Video about Mermaiding and Safety

Below you’ll find a video showing our experiences and focus on safety in mermaiding