Our Mermaid Academy

This mermaid academy was founded in August 2012 by the underwater stuntwoman Katrin Gray aka Mermaid Kat. The Mermaid Kat Academy was the world’s first mermaid school that made mermaid swimming accessible to the public. With qualified mermaid instructors, professional mermaid equipment, branches in different countries and thousands of happy mermaid students, our mermaid academy is still one of the leading mermaid schools in the world. The name “Mermaid Kat” stands not only for experience, but also for professionalism and safety.

A Childhood Dream

Since she was little, Kat dreamed about turning into a real life mermaid. After the former “Miss Germany International” became a scuba diving instructor she started to create her first mermaid tail. Next, she practiced her underwater modelling skills and took free diving classes. In May 2012 Kat was finally ready for her transformation into “Mermaid Kat” – a real life mermaid. First she started to work as a mermaid entertainer at events and children’s birthday parties. Later Kat gathered experiences in working as a mermaid model and underwater stuntwoman. Today she is featured in TV commercials, magazines, movies, music videos and advertisement campaigns. As a result, Kat turned her childhood dream into her full-time profession.

Mermaid Kat is a professional mermaid and mermaid instructor in Perth

Opening a Mermaid Academy

During her mermaid appearances, Kat realised quickly that she was not the only girl who dreamed about being a mermaid. For this reason, Kat decided to bring more magic into this world by helping others to fulfil their dreams of becoming real life mermaids themselves. Therefore she opened “Mermaid Kat Academy” in August 2012. This mermaid academy was the first mermaid school in the world, that made mermaiding accessible to the public. To begin with, Kat was focussed on teaching adults on how to be mermaids and mermen. Over time the scuba and free diving instructor created and introduced different concepts of mermaid classes and mermaid workshops for different age groups and levels.

Safety is our Priority

As a scuba diving instructor and free diving instructor, Kat was already experienced to teach people new skills in the water. Besides working in confined water, Kat had also experiences in working in open water with waves, strong currents, bad visibility and a high swells. Therefore, safety is the highest priority at our mermaid academy.

Before students can participate our mermaid activities, they need to develop confident swimming abilities. Once you are able to swim 200 m constantly in less than 15 minutes and are able to dive at least 1 m deep you are ready to join a mermaid course.

After a safety briefing and a few safety skills in the water, the real mermaid fun starts.

Mermaiding in the Whole World

When Kat opened Mermaid Kat Academy she was living in Phuket. Because of this, she taught her first mermaid classes in Thailand. Not long after, Kat was hired to teach workshops in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Since the beginning she taught international mermaid workshop. To teach mermaid courses she travelled to places like Austria, Switzerland, Maldives, Tahiti, China and Singapore. In 2014 she opened a base of Mermaid Kat Academy in Germany, which is now the main base of her international mermaid academy. Additionally to regular mermaid classes, she also offers international mermaid retreats called “Mermaid Week“. Here fellow mermaids and mermen can join Mermaid Kat for one week packed with mermaid adventures. Learning new breath hold techniques and how to pose in front of an underwater camera are part of the program. After several underwater photoshoots, participants will go home with outstanding underwater photos and videos of themselves.