Open your own Mermaid Swimming School

Open your own mermaid swimming school. If you would like to teach mermaiding, then why not open your own branch of Mermaid Kat Academy? We are expanding in Australia and worldwide. Through mermaiding you can have an active impact on turning dreams into reality. Further, mermaid swimming is a full body activity which means, you are actually working out while your teaching a mermaid class. Our mermaid instructors will prepare you until you are ready to teach mermaiding to others. Mermaid Kat is always excited and happy to welcome new motivated members into her mermaid family.


  • Motivated, friendly and safety orientated
  • Ready to become an ocean ambassador and protector
  • Be a role model for your mermaid students
  • First Aid and CPR course not older than 2 years
  • Have a pre-qualification in a water sport such as swimming instructor, life guard, surf trainer, competitive swimmer, scuba or freediving instructor, synchronised swimming instructor etc.
  • Working with Children clearance


For more information please send us an email:

Mermaid Swimming School Perth Australia

Please note: The Mermaid Kat Academy was the first public mermaid swimming school in the world. With over 7,000 mermaid students and mermaid workshops in over 10 countries we are one of the most experienced and most successful mermaid swimming schools in the world. To get where we are today, we had to train hard and invest a lot of time and money. We went through ups and downs until we finally discovered the right way for us and our students. Therefore we ask for your understanding that we will not share our hard earned knowledge without a contract signed.

If you decide to open a branch of the Mermaid Kat Academy we will teach you everything you need to know. We will not charge you anything to do your mermaid instructor training and open your franchise mermaid school. We are interested in a win/win situation for everyone involved.