Be an Ocean Hero

Be an ocean hero! Mermaids are not only mythical water spirits. We are ocean warriors, who are on the mission to save our fragile underwater world. Human influences such as overfishing and pollution are a big threat to the oceans. The oceans produce around 70% of the Earth’s Oxygen. Therefore, they are essential to life on Earth. The fate of our seas is not only up to the government or industry. Our individual and daily actions matter too. You can be an ocean hero by reducing water pollution and runoff at home, being more mindful of your plastic consumption or organising a cleanup of your local waterway. And guess what? Your mermaid party is a perfect start. We show you alternatives to plastic straws, balloons and co.

Helpful Tips

A plastic straw – It’s something that comes with most beverages that we order. Though at first this small straw may not seem like a lot, when it’s usage is added up, plastic straws create a big problem for the environment. And, with Australia using 10 million straws every day, that’s a lot of trash and potential litter. Straws are not accepted by most curb side recycling programs. When plastic straws aren’t recycled, they end up in landfills, or even worse, polluting our oceans. Did you know that 80% of bottles don’t get recycled? From landfills the almost weightless bottle easily finds it’s way into the ocean environment and causes big damage. Swallowed by whales or dolphins it is responsible for thousands of dead sea creatures every year. A plastic bottle requires up to 700 years to dissolve and will never disappear, only break down into smaller pieces. Trash is easily produced, but it can also easily be rejected. See our tips on how to have a plastic free mermaid party and lifestyle.

Children certainly like to play with balloons, but these too cannot be recycled and end up in the garbage after a few days. It’s even worse if balloons are let go to fly. What goes up must come down and causes considerable damage in nature. Explain to children that balloons are the number one cause for penguin deaths on Penguin Island. Bubbles are a great alternative and we mermaids are crazy for them.

Ask if plastic straws are used in the restaurant and if so, order your drink without a straw. Make it a habit so you’ll remember it also when your traveling to different countries. You can even get your reusable straws made from metal, glass or bamboo and take them to the restaurants. And please remember, no plastic straws at your mermaid party!

Who doesn’t love when it sparkles? But be careful! Glitter is often just plastic and cannot be recycled. Use an alternative glitter that is biodegradable (e.g. Project Glitter) or edible glitter that is used for cakes. Alternatively, you can also make glitter yourself: mix a little salt with food colouring and then let it dry in the oven for 10-15 minutes on low heat. A great start to become an ocean hero.

Confetti should not be missing at any mermaid party. Instead of buying it in plastic packaging, just make natural confetti yourself: collect leaves in different colours on your next walk in the forest and process them with a perforator. The result is beautifully colored confetti, completely natural and biodegradable. Also a great idea to keep children busy.

Thank you

The mermaids would like to thank you for helping to keep our ocean’s clean. It is not a matter of “the future”. The future is already here. Your children want to be 70 or 80 one day… lets make sure they still can!

Safe the Oceans – Safe the Mermaids