Our Perth Mermaid Team, WA

Our professional mermaid team is happy to teach mermaid courses in a safe and fun way. All our mermaid instructors are experienced water professionals who love to add some magic to our students life. Meet our mermaid trainers from Perth, Western Australia. Further down you can find out more about our mermaid team in Queensland.

Mermaid Kat 

Mermaid Kat is a professional mermaid and mermaid instructor in Perth

Katrin Gray aka Mermaid Kat is a full time professional mermaid, scuba and freediving instructor. In August 2012 Kat founded the Mermaid Kat Academy in Thailand, which was the world’s first public mermaid school. Since then she taught mermaid courses in over 10 different countries and opened branches of her mermaid school in Europe and Perth, Australia. Together with her qualified mermaid team, the Mermaid Kat Academy has trained over 4,000 new mermaid students so far. Kat is being filmed and photographed during her underwater stunts at up to 40 m under the surface. She dances through shipwrecks and sometimes she is surrounded by hammer head sharks, dolphins or even tiger sharks. The Perth based mermaid loves to teach others on how to become mermaids and mermen themselves. She loves to spread her mermaid magic and her goal is to create many new ocean ambassadors to protect our seas. Kat also developed her own range of highly functional mermaid tails.

Kat was crowned “Miss Germany International 2006” and “Queen of the World Germany 2007”

She is a qualified PADI Scuba and Freediving Instructor

Kat is an ocean ambassador and ocean activist

Founder of the world’s first mermaid school

Mermaid Emmy 

Perth Mermaid Instructor Mermaid Emmy

Mermaid Emmy is part of our Perth mermaid team and works as a mermaid instructor. When she is not swimming with her tail she works on land teaching boys and girls how to swim and works as a fully qualified AUSTSwim teacher of Swimming and Water Safety. Nothing makes her happier then seeing children learning and enjoying swimming and the life saving safety skills she can pass on to them. Emmy teaches children from age 3+ and has worked at a number of leisure centres across Perth as well as the Education Department teaching their school age programmes and higher stages/life saving clubs. Emmy enjoys to see a child’s confidence grow in the water and she believes that learning to swim is one of the most important skills we can teach Australian children. Emmy loves to see other mermaids come to life by teaching them how to swim in their mermaid tails safely and efficiently using the training programme created by Mermaid Kat Academy.

Emmy is a fully qualified AUSTSwim teacher of Swimming and Water Safety

Emmy loves to see children’s confidence grow in the water

Mermaid Emmy is a mermaid instructor and mermaid entertainer

Mermaid Madeleine 

Mermaid Madeleine is a mermaid instructor at Mermaid Kat Academy Perth

Mermaid Madeleine loves the ocean and enjoys bringing magic to life. With a strong passion for marine life running in the family it’s only natural she wanted to be a real life mermaid since she was little. She’s been lucky to scuba dive and swim in many beautiful locations like Ningaloo (Western Australia) and Indonesia seeing many animals including whale sharks. Sharks are one of Madeleine’s favourite animals and she enjoys educating young children about them and all ocean life. Madeleine is a child at heart and gets so excited to see children happy, her goal is to always keep the magic alive. Madeleine loves engaging with children and listening to their stories. With a diploma in performing arts, Madeleine has studied children’s theatre which makes her a very enthusiastic performer. She is also a previous full time ballet dancer who strives to glide with grace through the water and move with an ethereal quality. The most rewarding thing for Madeleine is to see children’s faces light up with excitement to see a real life mermaid as she only wishes she could have as a child.

Mermaid Madeleine has a diploma in art

She loves to spend time in the sea and scuba dive

Her mermaid tail changes it’s colour

Mermaid Elle Jaye

Elle Jaye is a mermaid instructor at Perth Mermaid School, Mermaid Kat Academy

Mermaid Elle Jaye is originally from tropical Queensland. Coming from a sea faring family, Elle Jaye always heard the call of the mermaids. She would spend her entire childhood at the beach and hoped that one day she could swim with the mermaids in the open sea. With a major in arts, Elle Jaye has covered all aspects of art in general. These days she loves to create art with an ocean’s background. Therefore she creates paintings of sunfish and sharks and designs shell jewellery. Mermaid Elle Jaye loves to inspire children to become ambassadors of the ocean and loves to spread her mermaid magic during mermaid parties and public events.

Mermaid Elle Jaye spend her entire childhood on the beach

She loves to created ocean inspired art

Elle Jaye loves to make a splash at children’s parties