Perth Mermaid Parties

Meeting a real life mermaid is a magical moment. But what is better than just meeting a mermaid?

Turning into a mermaid yourself, of course.

Our Mermaid Parties bring the magic to you. Do you live in Perth, Western Australia? Have you dreamed of something magical for the next party? Do you want to add a special splash to your barbecue? Or do you want to surprise your friend with a hen night she will never forget? Do you want to offer your child an unforgettable celebration or birthday party? Then it’s time for one of our unforgettable Mermaid Parties with one of our professional mermaid entertainers. Here are some of the many fun things you can expect at our Mermaid Parties in and around Perth

Meet a Real Life Mermaid

Meet one of our real life mermaids and be enchanted by her magical mermaid powers.

Play Mermaid Games

You will have lots of fun during our mermaid parties. Our mermaid will play games with you on land and maybe even in the water.

Mermaid Photos

Our mermaid parties offer many photo opportunities. We are also happy to bring our professional photographer for an additional fee.

Mermaid Parties in Perth

Get your Mermaid Look

Get the perfect mermaid look with some beautiful and sparkling mermaid make up.

Mermaid Story Time

During our mermaid parties you have the chance to ask a real life mermaid all questions you ever wished to ask a mermaid.

Magical Memories

Our enchanted mermaid parties will create unforgettable and magical memories for you and your friends.

I contacted Mermaid Kat last minute, literally. I was so excited to be accommodated for a last minute birthday surprise for my daughter who was turning 8! Harmony is obsessed with Mermaids she knows every detail. When she walked out the pool area and saw Mermaid Kat she was in utter aww speechless for the first time ever. Harmony 100% was convinced Mermaid Kat is a real life Mermaid. The parents at the party remarked how well Mermaid Kat played with the children and how real the whole experience was. Harmony is counting the sleeps till she gets to do Mermaid Kats course and she has not stopped watching You Tube videos about Mermaid Kat. Well worth every cent spent! All the kids had a ball and every parent that didn’t stay contacted me and told me how much they loved the experience! Thank you again!! We love you!!
Tania Clements - Kat surprised her daughter Harmony with a Mermaid Party on her 8th birthday.
Hi Kat,
Ella and I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for yesterday. You guys are both amazing and you made her so happy. You’ve got a little fan who has been looking you up on YouTube constantly!! She hasn’t stopped talking about it, thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 Alana :))))
Alana Smith - Booked a mermaid photo shoot for her daughter at Yanchep Beach
The mermaid experience that Kat provides is absolutely fantastic, It truly is magical and a dream come true for children (and adults!). My daughter loved her session with Kat in Scotland, she was super with her and it was full of fun and learning, she even got a mermaid ride underwater! She loves her mermaid tail, it is of great quality and I’m sure she would wear it all day long if she could! It was great to watch them swim around the pool and be taught how to maneuver like a real mermaid in a safe way as well. I would highly recommend the mermaid experience by Mermaid Kat, children of all ages would just love it and be in awe. I may even need to get a tail of my own and have a mermaid party for my next birthday! A*
Stephanie Holland - Booked Mermaid Kat for a Mermaid Party for her daughter in Scotland
Mermaid Kat visited our pre-primary class and the children were in awe. She provided them with interesting ocean facts and how to care for the environment. The children asked questions and then Mermaid Kat shared stories about her adventures and her family and how they make sure we can all look after our world above and under the water. This incursion linked with our ‘Ocean’ theme and gave the children opportunities to ask questions and further enhance their knowledge and understanding. A lovely way to compliment a teaching program, thank you to Mermaid Kat and her colleague.
Helen (Early Childhood Teacher) - About Mermaid Kat's visit at Hillary's Primary School
Thank you so much for such an amazing day. Amelia and her friends had such a magical time she still raves about it and her friends at school do also.
Alison Lewkowski - Our Perth Mermaid made a splash at her daughter's birthday party
The day was such a success and all the girls commented how amazing it was to have a real mermaid and that Chanel has the best birthday parties!
Jackie - Booked a mermaid party for her daughter's 7th birthday in Perth

Book a Mermaid Party in Perth

Our mermaid parties are 45 minutes long and can be hosted at your home, on a beach or a public swimming pool (in this case you need to arrange the pool hire). We offer dry performance mermaid parties as well as mermaid parties in the water, depending on the age group and swimming abilities of the guests. Please see the different options for our Perth mermaid parties below.

Dry Mermaid Parties Perth

Option 1

Dry Mermaid Party on Land

Party Time: 45 Minutes

Age Group: 0-8

Maximum Number of Guests: 15

Meet a Real Mermaid

Get Mermaid Make Up

Mermaid Story Time

Blow Bubbles

Questions & Answers with a Mermaid

Get your own Wishing Stone

AUD 280

Mermaid Parties Perth

Option 2

Mermaid Party in the Water

Party Time: 45 Minutes

Age Group: 4+

Maximum Number of Guests: 10

Meet a Real Mermaid

Get Mermaid Make Up

Have a Mermaid Ride

Swim with a Mermaid

Play Games in the Water

Get your own Wishing Stone

AUD 280

Mermaid Parties Perth

Option 3

Everyone turns into Mermaids

Party Time: 45 Minutes

Age Group: 8+

All Guests must have completed Swimming Level 5

Maximum Number of Guests: 10

General Safety Briefing

Get into your Mermaid Tail

Learn your First Mermaid Tricks

Amazing Photo Opportunities

AUD 280

+ AUD 10 per Rental Tail

* Prices exclude pool entrance fees or other fees if required

** For safety reasons, only mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop are allowed during our mermaid parties

*** For safety reasons, if you plan on having more guests than the maximum number, please hire a second mermaid for a mere of AUD 150

**** For mermaid parties South of the river additional traveling fees apply

For Mermaid Party Inquiries please send us an email

Please include the following information in your email and send it to:

  • Your name
  • Name of birthday girl/ boy
  • Date you plan the party
  • Starting time of mermaid party
  • Exact address of mermaid party
  • Age of guests
  • Number of guests
  • Which party option would you like to book? (Please read requirements above)
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number


We will get in touch with you shortly.

Mermaid Kat Cartoon from Mermaid Kat Shop

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