Perth Mermaid Parties

Our Mermaid Parties bring the magic to you and all your party guests. Mermaid parties are suitable for many occasions such as birthdays, hen nights or even a summer barbecue. Our professional mermaid entertainers are looking forward to making a splash at your party. Our mermaid parties last 45 minutes and can be hosted at your home, on a beach or a public swimming pool (in this case you need to arrange the pool hire). We offer dry performance mermaid parties as well as mermaid parties in the water. Depending on the age group and swimming abilities of the guests, we can even turn all party guests into mermaids and mermen. Please see the different options for our mermaid parties in Perth below.

Mermaid Party Option 1
Dry Party

Our dry mermaid party was designed for younger children up to an age of 8 years. Depending on the age group and interaction level of the participants, our mermaid might offer sparkling mermaid make up or games during the mermaid party. Story telling, arts and crafts or dancing might also be involved. Of course there is always time to ask questions and take photos. This mermaid party will guarantee long lasting memories for the birthday girl/boy and all guests. Our mermaid will wear a realistic looking silicone mermaid tail.

AUD 280  (for up to 15 children)

Mermaid Party Option 2
Pool Party

Our mermaid pool party is suitable for children that are at least 4 years old. Depending on the interaction level of the guests our mermaid might offer mermaid rides and little games in the water. Story telling and mermaid make up might also happen during our mermaid pool party. And of course there is plenty of time to ask questions and take photos. Our mermaid will wear a realistic looking silicone mermaid tail. The Mermaid Party Option 2 can be hosted at a private backyard pool, a public swimming pool (you would have to organise this) or a shallow and protected beach (such as Hillary’s Boat Harbour).

AUD 280  (for up to 10 children)

Mermaid Party Option 3
Let's all be mermaids

This mermaid party has the structure of an introduction mermaid course. The guests will have a short briefing and then get into their mermaid tails. After a few safety skills they will train their way up and learn their first mermaid tricks in the water. The Mermaid Party Option 3 is a magical experience and provides great photo opportunities. All participants must be at least 8 years old and have strong swimming abilities. Our mermaid will be the instructor and therefore not wear a silicone mermaid tail. This mermaid party can be hosted in a private backyard pool or a public swimming pool (you would have to organise this).

AUD 280  (for up to 10 children) + AUD 10 per rental tail

Please note: * Prices exclude pool entrance fees or other fees if apply ** For safety reasons, only mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop are allowed during our mermaid parties *** For safety reasons, if you plan on having more guests than the maximum number, please hire a second mermaid for a mere of AUD 150 **** The above activities are examples, every party will be different depending on the location and interaction level of party guests

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Please make sure to also check out our mermaid party tips for parents.