Frequently asked Questions

You had a look around the Mermaid Kat Academy? You can’t wait to start your own transformation into a real life mermaid? But you still have some questions to our mermaid courses? Have a look at this page about frequency asked questions and see if you find your answer. You can’t find your answer on this page? No problem! Send us an email and we are happy to answer all your questions.

Q: What is mermaiding?

A: Mermaiding is swimming in a mono fin covered with a mermaid tail skin costume made from fabric, neoprene, latex or silicone. Mermaiding is a full body workout and a great activity to stay fit. In mermaiding you can forget your stresses and enjoy your time in the magical underwater world.

Q: Can boys/ men join?

A: Absolutely! Merboys and mermen are more than welcome to join our mermaid classes.

Q: How much is a mermaid class?

A: The Mini Mermaid Course is AUD 59 per class. If you don’t have your own mermaid tail (from Mermaid Kat Shop) yet, you can rent one from us for only AUD 10.

The Professional Mermaid Workshop is AUD 249. 

Q: Are there any requirements to join a mermaid class?

A: Yes. Participants must have strong swimming abilities and be able to swim at least 4 laps (100 m) without any assistance or stopping. They must also be able to dive at least 1 m deep and must be at least 7 years old. Adults with confident swimming abilities are welcome too.

Mermaid class in Perth - Mermaid Kat Academy
Mermaid Academy in Perth
Professional mermaid training with Mermaid Kat

Q: When did your Mermaid Academy open?

A: Mermaid Kat Academy opened in August 2012 and was the world’s first mermaid school that made mermaiding accessible to the public.

Q: Can adults join?

A: Of course! Mermaiding is great fun and a fintastic workout for all age groups.

Q: Will I get my own mermaid tail?

A: Of course you will get your own mermaid tail during our mermaid classes. You can rent a tail for just 10 AU$ to buy your own mermaid tail in our mermaid shop.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Please bring a bikini/swimsuit/bathers and goggles to your mermaid course. If you have a mermaid tail from Mermaid Kat Shop, please bring it too.