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Mermaid Courses at Wanneroo Aquamotion with Mermaid Kat

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Testimonial From Katie Farr

Mermaid Training with Kat during the Miss Scuba UK 2014 Finals in Egypt

Mermaid training with Kat was an incredible unique experience! I love that Kat is passionate about the ocean and conservation and the mermaid tails she has developed are a wonderful way to explore and learn more about the ocean! She is an engaging and fun character who took us through the motions of how to use our mermaid tails; it was so much fun but not as easy as you think so it took some practice and Kats guidance to become successful.

A once in a life time experience that I would love to do again! Thanks Kat!

Testimonial From Serene Low Swee Lin

Became a Silver Mermaid in Kat’s Professional Mermaid Workshop in Phuket

From childhood I liked this character of mermaid, also dreams of one day I can become a mermaid swim into ocean. I always thought it was just a dream. But when I know Mermaid Kat has this mermaid workshop in Phuket, I simply cannot believe it, so I immediately contacted her and ask for detail. When able to attend her mermaid workshop, which is something I am very happy.

In addition to doing anaerobic swimming technique, free diving skill. She also instilled us to love the ocean, environmental awareness, be a good example for being a mermaid. I really thank you Mermaid Kat is achieved my childhood mermaid dream. I am very happy to do a beautiful mermaid to love the ocean.

Testimonial From Nora Lestari

Became a Gold Mermaid in Kat’s professional Mermaid Workshop in Bali in June 2013

I joined Kat for one of her mermaid workshops back in 2013 and it was a very interesting one. That was the first time I swam with a mermaid tail. I love the experiences Kat brought to the workshop. She shared a lot of knowledge, not only about mermaiding but also about being an ambassador to the sea. I also joined her for the trip to Komodo island for the campaign “Flying with Mantas” to bring awareness about mantas. Swimming with mantas is always very interesting, but in a mermaid tail – it is a lifetime experience worth telling.

Overall, I learned a lot from Kat and I am very happy with the workshop. If you want to bring your childhood dream to real, workshop with Mermaid Kat is where you will learn the value of being a real mermaid.

Testimonial From Sophia Fong

Became a Silver Mermaid in Kat’s Professional Mermaid Workshop in Thailand

Kat , I don’t have much words to thank you … But I always remember I couldn’t swim underwater at all , but after your training me , I become a real mermaid and did some good mermaid performance activities  and mermaid is big attraction for my business , even my beginner mermaid training video had  over 200000 views from the past few months  in China YouKu. Thank you very very very much for training me.


The Mini Mermaid Course is designed for people who are new to mermaiding, no matter of age, size or gender.

The Mini Mermaid Course is about 90 minutes long and recommended for good swimmers who are at least 8 years old. First there is a general briefing about mermaids, mermaid swimming and safety. You do your first exercises and stretching on land before it is time to get into your mermaid tail. After about 20-30 minutes you enter the water and it’s time to experience your first swim as a real life mermaid. Our mermaid trainers will teach you basic mermaid strokes, your first mermaid tricks and practice mermaid drills.

At the end of the Mini Mermaid Course you get your first mermaid certificate.

To join the Mini Mermaid Course you must be a strong swimmer and able to swim in deep water without any help at all. Apart from that it is important that you are also able to dive at least 2 m/ 6,5 feet deep, as mermaiding happens mainly underwater.



*Price excludes pool entrance fee if required. If you don’t already own a mermaid tail you can rent one from the Mermaid Kat Academy for a mere AU$10.


Mermaid Children Underwater in Swimming Pool with the Mermaid Academy

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The next Mini Mermaid Course at Aquamotion Wanneroo will be hosted on 22nd May 2016 between 10.30 am and 12.00 pm.

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