Media Coverage

Media coverage of Mermaid Kat Academy. Our mermaid school has been published in countless newspaper articles around the world. Several TV programs have followed our founder, professional Mermaid Kat, during her underwater modelling work. Here is a selection of the Mermaid Kat Academy international media coverage.

Newspaper Articles

Mermaid Kat Academy has been published in many international newspapers and magazines around the world. As the world’s first public mermaid school, reporters from all over the world contacted Mermaid Kat to find out what you can learn at Mermaid Kat Academy. During international mermaid workshops, Mermaid Kat Academy has turned thousands of girls into mermaids and several boys into mermen. Here you can see a selection of the Mermaid Kat Academy media coverage.

Our Mermaid Academy on TV

Our Mermaid Academy has been followed by several TV teams from many different countries. Kat’s first mermaid workshop in August 2012 “Mermaid Kat’s International Mermaid Workshop” was followed by a German TV crew and shown on national TV in the show “Goodbye Deutschland”. Since then the Mermaid Kat Academy has been featured in “Phuket Today”, “Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen”, “Kaum zu Glauben”, “Navigator Channel” and many more. For copyright reasons we are only able to show you a small selection of our international tv presents.

Would you like to feature our Mermaid Academy?

You are a reporter and would like to feature our mermaid school in your newspaper article or TV program? Mermaid Kat Academy is always open for interviews and little insights into the world of mermaids and mermen. Of course, we are able to provide high resolution photos and videos. For more information please contact us via email:

A few helpful Key Points:

  • Katrin Gray opened her mermaid school in August 2012 in Thailand. It was the world’s first public mermaid school.
  • Since then Mermaid Kat taught mermaid courses in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, China, Singapore, Tahiti, Mexico, Maldives and Australia
  • Katrin Gray is a qualified scuba and freediving instructor and was crowned to “Miss Germany International 2006” and “Queen of the World Germany 2007”
  • She works as an underwater model and stunt woman for TV commercials, movies and advertisement campaigns
  • Mermaid Kat is an environmentalist and creates awareness for our underwater world. Therefore she swims with marine life such as dolphins, whales, rays, sharks and saltwater crocodiles.
  • Since 2014, the main base of Mermaid Kat Academy is in Germany, where her mermaid instructors teach mermaid classes regularly
  • In January 2016 Kat opened a branch of Mermaid Kat Academy in Perth, Western Australia
  • Mermaid Kat Academy offers mermaid courses for children and adults who are confident swimmers (able to swim 200 m in less than 15 minutes and able to dive 1 m deep)
  • Her mermaid school has trained over 7,000 mermaid students
  • Mermaiding is a great way to escape the every day life, keep fit and meet new friends
  • Katrin Gray also developed her own range of highly functional mermaid tails, especially created for free diving and advanced mermaiding (visit Mermaid Kat Shop Australia)