Mermaiding in Perth

Welcome to our Mermaid School

Welcome to our mermaid school in Perth. At Mermaid Kat Academy Australia you can join mermaid courses, book a mermaid photo shoot or have your own special mermaid birthday party. Furthermore, you can hire our mermaids for public events. Our professional mermaid entertainers enchant your guests during your event in Perth or anywhere else in Australia. We are looking forward to creating magical memories with you.

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Mermaid Kat Academy

Our mermaid school offers mermaid course to children and adults with confident swimming abilities. Additionally we also offer mermaid parties, mermaids beach surprises, mermaid photo shoots and mermaid entertainment for public events.

Mermaiding courses for children and adults in Perth

Mermaid Courses

The Mermaid Kat Academy finally opened a branch in Australia. Now you can join our mermaid courses. Mermaid courses are suitable for children who can swim 200 m in less than 15 minutes and dive at least 1 m deep. Besides, adults are more than welcome to join our classes too.

Mermaid birthday parties in Perth Australia - Mermaid Kat Academy

Mermaid Parties

Our mermaid school offers unforgettable mermaid parties such as mermaid birthday parties or hen nights. Mermaid parties are an unforgettable experience not only for you. We will add the extra portion magic to your party and your guests will still remember this day for a very long time.

Mermaid Photo Shoot in Perth Australia

Mermaid Photo Shoots

If you have always dreamed of changing into a real life mermaid, we can make your dream come true, with a mermaid photo shoot for example. You get to wear a mermaid tail and we will help you to find the best poses. These photos will be very special!

Mermaid Entertainment in Perth Australia

Public Events

You can also hire our professional mermaids for public events. Photo booths, meet and greets, story telling and arts and crafts are wonderful activities that add the extra spark to your event. Additionally our mermaids also perform in underwater tanks – more magic isn’t possible!

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Who is Mermaid Kat?

Katrin Gray aka Mermaid Kat is the founder of Mermaid Kat Academy, which opened in August 2012 and was the world’s first public mermaid school. Kat is a full time professional mermaid and underwater model. The scuba and free diving instructor is passionate about the underwater world.

In order to create awareness for our oceans, she swims with dolphins, rays, whales, sharks and even crocodiles. Her photos and videos are often shown during events, presentations and projects. Through her work Mermaid Kat hopes, that people would see the underwater world through mermaid’s eyes and start to protect our fragile underwater realm.

For international underwater productions Mermaid Kat travels worldwide. She is being featured in magazines, advertisement campaigns, music videos, movies and tv commercials.

The former “Miss Germany International” also created her own range of highly functional mermaid tails, which can be purchased at Mermaid Kat Shop.

To find out more, visit Mermaid Kat’s official website

Mermaid Retreats

Join an international Mermaid Week

The Mermaid Weeks bring our mermaid school to the next level. Now you have the chance to join one of our special mermaid retreats. Spend one week in paradise, learn new skills and have amazing underwater photos taken of yourself. Practise breath hold techniques, learn how to pose in front of the camera and become an ocean ambassador. Of equal importance are the new connections to fellow mermaids, mermen and marine life. Join us for an international adventure! Click on a photo below, find out more information and sign up before we are fully booked.